Restauratoren Nederland is dé beroepsvereniging voor iedereen werkzaam in de conservering en restauratie van cultureel erfgoed.

I have a Japanese-made metal statuette of a tiger, not extremely valuable in terms of money – but I was very upset when I knocked it accidentally of the shelf. The impact compressed and distorted the face. I took the tiger to Rosalijn for assessment. She said that some damage would probably always be visible, but that she could do a lot to correct the distortion and fill the cracks. I decided it was worth trying. The result is truly amazing. You would never know it had been so severely damaged. It is perfect.The results were so good that I also asked her to restore a “tin” coffee-pot I inherited from my mother. The dents are gone and the patina is truly beautiful! The communication was very good during the entire restoration process. The price for the work was reasonable. Q & P

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